"Heart Of The Hurricane" - BLACK EDITION CD

Heart Of The Hurricane - BLACK EDITION CD
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"Heart Of The Hurricane" - Black Edition CD
Release: 03. Mai 2019


Disk 1/2:

Heart Of The Hurricane
Through The Mirror
Million Lightyears
Song For The Godless
Escape From The Earth
Beneath A Blackened Sky
Fairytale Of Doom
My God Is Dead
10 Dear Death
11 Scream For Me
12 Freedom
13 Breeze
14 Echo From The Past
15 Parade
16 BONUS TRACKS:Spiderweb Of Eyes
17 We Will Find A Way
18 Still Breathing

Disk 2/2

1 In The Shadows
Lost In Forever
When Angels Fall
Beautiful Lies
Songs Of Love And Death
Love's A Burden
8 Unbroken
Written In Blood
10 Night Will Fade
11 Love Me Forever
12 Forget My Name (Re-Recorded)
13 Shine And Shade


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